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Parvaz Shahin Gasht was founded in September 1999. PSG is a fully licensed, registered and legally authorized incoming/outgoing travel agency and tour operator. We are a heritage brand with thoroughly modern sensibilities. Our professional team works hard every day to Create the best experience possible for travelers. We also work with travel agencies all around the world.

Our Mission

Amazing travel memories might be invaluable, but it sure feels good to know you got a great deal, so our company offers the best price guarantee. We only offer specific accommodation and services that have been carefully selected to make sure they meet our standards. We try our best to turn trips into an amazing experience. Not just any vacation, but exceptional vacations filled with inspiring and life_enriching experiences.

Offered Services

Hotel Reservation

Domestic flights

Iran Visa

Top_notch customer support

Individual, Family and group packages with different itineraries

Talior_made Tour

Historical and Cultural Tour

Adventure Tour

Safari Tour

who loves iran

Ali Akbar Yousefi – founder and Chairman of the Board

Ali Akbar Yousefi is the Chairman of the Board of Parvaz Shahingasht Co, since 1998. His endless passion to learn and understand the world has taken him to the most of the countries. He thinks that visiting other countries and touching their culture, history, beside their architecture, food, and lifestyle is the most enjoyable and adventure entertainment that everyone should test. Finally, his interest in travel caused him to realize that the tourism industry can be his goal; at least led him to found PSG Travel Agency with his brother in 1998. According to his idea, he made a decision to introduce a rich culture and valuable history to all over the world which is called IRAN. His policy is based on open and honest communications and trying the best to provide an acceptable situation to everybody who loves IRAN.

who loves iran

Ali Asghar Yousefi – founder and managing director

Ali Asghar Yousefi is CEO of Parvaz Shahin Gasht travel agency in Tehran, the capital city of IRAN. He is the younger brother of Ali Akbar. First of all, he fell in love with travel as a tour operator in small companies, after a while, he became a professional tour manager and tried to invest his career. After 12 years working in travel agencies, he asked his older brother to establish their own travel agency. "When was the last time you talked to someone who truly loved their travel?” this question made him think about the answer. Well, he actually did! This is his ultimate goal. He offered the best possible service to create satisfaction of Who Loves IRAN.

who loves iran

Reza Sayadian – director of Tour planner and Marketing

Reza Sayadian is director of tour planner and marketing in Parvaz Shahin Gasht Travel Agency since 2015. He has begun his career in Tourism industry 16 years ago as a domestic tour guide and then found the motivation to be a professional tour guide for incoming tours. Since then he planned his own tours to visit all over IRAN, from North to South, East to West. He has loved to explore small towns and villages with unique architecture, legends, and stories of local people across IRAN. Moreover, to have a good communication with other countries to attract them, he passed the related community courses such as public relations, branding, marketing, advertising and Strategy management while. Due to his experience, he gathers a team that is carefully listening to your specific requests and using his ability to plan the clients' ideal itinerary to make an unforgettable trip for Who Loves IRAN.

who loves iran