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Rose Water Distillation annual

21 of April to 21 of May.
kashan, Isfahan Province, Iran

Rose Water Distillation annual festival (Golabgiri) in Kashan

Rose and Rose Water Distillation (Golab giri) is the famous annual festival in Iran showing the traditional process of producing rosewater which has been held for over thousand years ago in Kashan, Iran.

The month Ordibehesht (The 2nd month of Persian Solar calendar) is the time that rose bushes blossom in Iran. Golab is joined with our history and life. Iranian use it as a medication or flavor for food. Golab still has kept its important place. These flowers are light pink roses called Mohammadi flower named after Muslim prophet, Mohammad (PBUH). Here is the reason its water is known as the holy perfume.

Golab Giri (distillation of rose petals festival) starts after picking the Mohammadi Roses bloom of the vast Rose gardens in Kashan, Iran.

Gardeners pick up the flowers from rose gardens, and then put them in huge copper pots, add some water, in a particular and complex process heat the pot. When the roses boiled in water, the vapor will cross the pipes and is led to another cool pot. The cool condition changes the vapor to rose water which is Golab! But do not rush it! If you like to take your own handmade Golab you need to wait at least a full day! If you have not enough time, you can buy bottles of natural Golab or other distillation from local producers in the workshop.