IC Supplier and IC Distributor - RANTLE
Electronic Components Sourcing Specialist

Challenge RANTLE - Electronic Components and Parts Distributor in China

IC Supplier and IC Distributor - RANTLE
Electronic Components Sourcing Specialist

Challenge RANTLE - Electronic Components and Parts Distributor in China

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Your Best Electronic Components Supplier in China

With more than 17 years’ experience in the electronic component market, RANTLE knows how deep down inside the global electronics industry supply chain keeps developing and changing. As opportunities and challenges exist side by side, we play the role of an independent distributor, we will help you find the right electronic component based on your part numbers.

7/24 online Support

Our support will always be online to support your business

Competitive Price

We will provide very competitive price for every electronic component.

Fast Delivery

Normally we will send your electronic component 1 to 5 days after get payment.

Rapid Delivery for All Electronic Components

RANTLE provides technology products to manufacturers globally in a variety of industries, including medical, military, aerospace, computer, peripheral, telecommunications, transportation, etc.

Electronic Components Distributor

Powerful, Professional, Reputable

We have built our reputation by maintaining knowledgeable sales and customer service staff who work to assure the best price and delivery availability for our customers.

Guarantees come as a standard on all orders, so no need to worry when buying with us.

Think of RANTLE.com as your only source for all your electronic components needs.

Rantle East Electronic, Your Electronic components supplier in China. Send your Inquiry Now.

Why RANTLE Can be Your Trusted Electronic Components Distributor

Friendly, knowledgeable and professional sales team, prompt response, good communication.
16 Years of electronic components distribution experience
75% of electronic components available for immediate delivery or short lead time.
Fast delivery on most of the electronic component orders
Our components are tested for quality by our professional and experienced QC team to ensure their authenticity and functionality before dispatching the shipment to our valued customers.
High-quality electronic parts and components
A global leader in supply chain solutions for allocated, hard-to-find, end of life (EOL), long lead-time, and obsolete electronic components for the commercial, medical, industrial, and military/aerospace industries.
Locate hard to find components

Rantle Makes Your Electronic Components Sourcing Easier

Don’t Take Our Words For It

Listen To What Our Client Say About Us

Become An Expert When Sourcing Electronic Component

FAQ’s When Sourcing Electronic Components

Rantle East Electronic sells most brands of semiconductors, electronic components and parts including IC, Diode, Transistor, Module, Relay, Connector, Resistor, Capacitor, etc.

RANTLE has a positive reputation, and a proven track record for delivering quality electronic components offers a 30-days warranty to make sure you receive exactly what you ordered. We warrant the form, fit, and function as per electronic components datasheet or manufacturers specifications. We perform a rigorous quality inspection on every order before shipment. Buy with confidence. We stand behind our electronic components.

In case of a quality problem, please contact your sales representative with the test result details or test report; our quality department team will look into the case and check carefully. If proved, we will proceed to refund or replace electronic components depending on your wishes.

All prices quoted are valid for 48 hours from the date of quotation. After this time, we must check again with our supplier. As you know, the market price of electronic components may change day to day depending on supply and demand.

We prefer payment in advance via Bank Wire Transfer, Western Union Money Transfer and PayPal (only for a small amount.)

Shipping fees are not fixed and vary based on the destination where the customer is located, dimensions and weight of the parcel. We will check the shipping cost for you and add it to the total amount you should pay.

RANTLE will ship all your orders for electronic components and parts within 1-5 working days after receiving your funds. Otherwise, in case of any long lead time for available stock, we will let you know in advance before you make payments. Normally we use DHL and FedEx. It may take 3-5 days for the delivery to your country.

When you purchase electronic components from overseas, you should pay the additional local taxes, duties, GST, tariffs, and fees. Depending on the complexity of international shipping and different countries with various customs policies, we cannot be able to provide an estimate and quote of these amounts. So please contact your local customs station with any problems or questions.

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